Thatched Property Insurance

Thatched Property


By their very nature thatched properties are difficult to insure and most insurance companies will not offer a quotation.

As specialists in ‘non-standard’ home insurance, we are pleased to launch our thatched home product.

    Risk acceptance criteria includes:

  • Buildings sum insured up to £1,000,000
  • Contents sum insured up to £500,000
  • Total combined sum insured of £1,000,000
  • Valuables up to 33% with a single article limit of 10% of the Contents sum insured
  • Personal Possessions single article limit of £2,500
  • Various heating types accepted such as open fires, solid fuel stoves and gas central heating
  • Thatch inspections and electrical installation inspections only needed every 10 years

    We can provide cover for risks such as:

  • Adverse claims experience
  • Unoccupied properties
  • Grade 2 Listed Properties
  • Let Properties
  • Properties that have previously been affected by subsidence
  • Holiday, second and weekend/weekday homes
  • High risk occupations
  • Criminal convictions

Our thatched home product, underwritten by Legal & General, will cater for properties that are fully, or partially roofed in a full range of thatch roof constructions including water reed, wheat reed, long straw and fibre.

    Please note, we won’t be able to offer a quotation if the risk falls into any of the categories listed below:

  • Mid Terrace house
  • Grade 1 listed property
  • Buildings sum insured exceeds £1,000,000
  • Contents sum insured exceeds £500,000
  • Combined (buildings and contents) sum insured exceeds £1,000,000
  • Depth of thatch is greater than 2 metres
  • The roof is not in good condition
  • Distance to nearest fire brigade is over 25 miles
  • The height of the chimney is less than 1.8 metres above the ridge
    (not applicable if chimney is not in use)
  • Chimney is not lined
    (not applicable if chimney is not in use)
  • Spark arrestors are fitted to the chimney
    (not applicable if chimney is not in use)
  • The property is not connected to mains water supply

If your client do not fall into any of the above listed categories, then please
simply give us a call, 0800 43 46 307 or complete our Thatch Questionnaire
and submit with your market presentation to [email protected]

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