Non-Standard Home/Motor


Bond Lovis Broker Services can cater for the vast majority of your non-standard Household insurance needs.

There is a large number and range of homes and household property that are deemed to be non-standard on open market SWH quote systems so we have great facilities to cater for these risks.

Our placement facilities will insure most standard through to non-standard homes and properties, whether the property itself is unusual or the risk criteria makes it difficult to place in the open market. Our underwriting teams ethos is very much to trade with our business partners to provide the best solutions available.

    Non Standard home risk can include:

  • Bespoke Requests and Requirements
  • Flats/Maisonettes & Houses converted in to Flats/Maisonettes
  • Adverse Claims Experience
  • Previous Insurer Declinature/Cancellation/Voidance
  • High Risk Occupations
  • Extended Unoccupancy (extended holidays/work secondment)
  • Undergoing Works & Renovation
  • Listed Properties
  • Older properties
  • Bed & Breakfast (but not Guest House/Hotel)
  • Shared Occupancy/Lodgers
  • Business Use (but not commercial premises)
  • Properties having been affected by Subsidence
  • Flood Areas
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Holiday Homes
  • Let Properties – including White Goods Cover
  • Non Standard Construction
  • Unoccupied Properties – FLEA & Greater Levels of Cover

Non-Standard Car

    Non Standard car risk can include:

  • Convicted drivers
  • Criminal convictions
  • Imported vehicles
  • Modified vehicles

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