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Having an agency with Bond Lovis Broker Services means you’ll immediately gain access to the London Market, Being part of the Prestige Group of companies gives us access to Octane London Market, with its A. Rated Axa capacity, OLM cater for all kinds of non-standard fleets.

In addition we also have our Octane small fleet facility that can offer quotes for fleets from 2 vehicles and will accommodate new ventures, we also have other fleet markets that you may not have facilities with.

All Fleet Cover is written on a net-rated basis.

    Small Fleets: Key Criteria

  • Between 2 & 20 Vehicles

  • Any Driver (restricted 25+ to 70)

  • Named Driver Rates (at reduced premiums)

  • Rating: Both fleet rated and “book & bonus”

  • New Ventures

  • Most Occupations covered


  • Generally up to £60,000 Premium

  • 15 Vehicles+

  • Any Driver (restricted 25+ to 70)

  • Rating: Both cost per vehicle and “book & bonus”

    Non Standard Fleets

  • Roofing, Scaffolding, Catering/Event Catering,

  • Vehicles with Plant attachments (HIAB’s etc.)

  • Classic/Nostalgia Car Clubs

  • Funeral cars

  • Road Construction/Maintenance

  • Any Driver (restricted to 25+ to 70)

  • Named Driver:- 21+ subject to Licence & Vehicle Grp restrictions

  • Rating: Both cost per vehicle and “book & bonus”

With most of our insurers we pride ourselves on a quick turn around of quotes and mid-term changes.

If your client does not fall into any of the above listed categories, then please
simply give us a call,

0800 43 46 306

or complete our

Fleet Quote Form

and submit with your market presentation to [email protected]

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